Does AI Keep You Up at Night? Ask a Tech Visionary Anything

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Are you the kind of person who spends a lot of time pondering when machine learning will finally give us humans a run for our money? Or exactly how the technology behind a pulse simulator works? We had a feeling you might be. So what other questions or ideas about the future of technology keep you up at night? This is your chance to have them answered/discussed by two leaders in the field of future tech: Brain Games host and futurist Jason Silva and Matt Grob, CTO of Qualcomm and holder of more than 70 patents relating to wireless communication and cell technology.


In a live hangout to be streamed here on July 1 at noon EST, Jason will interview Matt about the future of tech, including mobile, wireless, and robotics. The interview will also include some questions and ideas submitted by Gizmodo and io9 readers — to throw yours into consideration, just start typing right here in the comments.

Why wait? Ask your questions and/or submit your ideas below, then come back on July 1 at 12PM EST to watch Jason and Matt discuss the future. In the meantime, continue preparing your consciousness for upload.


This post is a sponsored collaboration between Qualcomm and Studio@Gawker.

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