Now that the teams on the #WhyWait Invent-Off have been assembled and given their task, the real challenge starts.

As anyone who’s ever had formulate an idea in a group knows, it’s never easy— especially when you’re working with a team entirely made up of mad geniuses. In this web series competition, hosted by Brain Games’ Jason Silva, two teams made up of the best and brightest artists, students, and engineers out there need to come together to create something that positively impacts the future. To do it, they’ll be using a library of Qualcomm connectivity technology including a Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered device and the Arduino Yún microcontroller board.

Will the teams figure out what, exactly, they want to build? Will they actually they have the time to bring their ideas to life, or will they start to short-circuit under the pressure? Watch the third episode and find out. (Missed anything so far? Catch up with Episode 1 and Episode 2 before diving in.)

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Qualcomm and Studio@Gawker.